Monday, March 11, 2013

Growing Boys Into Men--A Christian Perspective

I am very excited to have been interviewed by Lon Woodbury for his show Parent Choices For Struggling Teens on LA Talk  I spent about an hour discussing one of my favorite topics with Lon, Growing Boys into Men --A Christian Perspective.  I have attached the link to the entire show below and am hopeful that you will take the time to listen.  
Growing Boys Into Men--A Christian Perspective

There seems to be a crisis of manhood in the United States.  24 million children in the US live in a home absent of their biological father.  Studies show that children who live with their father are less likely to have emotional/behavioral problems, be incarcerated, experience child abuse, and become pregnant as a teenager.  Growing today’s generation of boys into men can have a significant impact on future generations.  Lon Woodbury and Mark Vander Ley discuss the Christian perspective to Growing boys into Men.  They will discuss a Christian definition of manhood, the unique challenges that Christian parents face when raising boys, The important role that mothers and fathers play in growing boys into men, and practical ways families grow their young boys into men. 

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