Are you looking for a passionate and engaging speaker for your next event? I would like to partner with churches, schools, community groups, and non-profit organizations to share the message of Parenting Boys Raising Men in your community.  If you are planning a mens event, parent seminar, or family ministry event contact me to discuss the possibilities.   I have years of experience speaking to youth, parents, and professionals.  My style is laid back, compassionate, humorous, and engaging.  Your attendees are sure to laugh, move, play, think, and be challenged to a new and vibrant perspective on the parenting journey. 

My favorite topics include:

Stuff Dads Say: The Most Important Messages From Dad
        This 3-6 hour (half or full day) seminar gives a challenging and encouraging look into the most important messages that dads send to their children.  These stated and unstated messages form the foundation for how children think about themselves, others, God, and the world.  Dads will be challenged to think about how their words and actions impact their child.  They will leave encouraged to be more intentional about the messages sent and their role as a father.  To get a taste of this seminar topic download the book  HERE

Parenting Peace: Building Relationships Despite The Difficult Times
      This is a 6-12 hour (1 or 2 day) seminar designed specifically for groups of parents and their teammates (grandparents, family members etc...) Each team will receive a copy of my workbook Parenting Peace as their guide through the parenting experience.  The experience begins by evaluating your "Parenting Profile" using the Five Principles of Parenting Peace. You will learn the Parenting Peace child Identity Development Model and how you can encourage your child's identity development. You will begin to understand the four principles crucial to developing relationship with your child in difficult times. You will grow in your ability to Encourage Challenges, Model Care, Give up Control, and Be Present.

Parenting Boys Raising Men: Building Authentic Manhood
     This 3 hour interactive discussion begins with a focus on the biblical definition of manhood.  We will also cover the obstacles faced by boys in today's culture as well as the unique challenges that parents face in parenting boys.  Parents will leave having identified a blue print for building authentic manhood in the boys they love.     

To get a feel for my style and personality check out these recent interviews
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Parenting Boys Into Men: A Christian Perspective
Fatherhood Wide Open: The Facade Of Manliness

If one of the above topics meets your needs or you would like a custom created topic for your event contact me at mvanderley@parentingboysraisingmen.com to book your dates. 

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